Communications & Media Strategy

Craft pitches for placement

My Approach

As a journalist and a content strategist, I have experience sitting on both sides of the fence. I know how to anticipate questions from all sides — what editors want and what simply won’t fly. I also know how to navigate the stakeholder review process. You can rely on me to find the pulse of your narrative and craft targeted media pitches for successful placement. When crisis PR needs strike, I weigh the potential risks and pitfalls, devise a carefully worded response or position, and anticipate possible scenarios.


I tailor services to the needs of each client, but common services include:

  • Ghostwriting (blog posts, op-ed pieces, talking points, FAQs, speeches, and presentations)
  • Internal and external communications
  • Media pitches
  • Communications audit to identify gaps with a focus on getting more frequent, higher quality placements.
  • Coaching sessions with your team on how to identify, shape, and create successful pitches
  • Coaching sessions with your team to prepare crisis response
  • Real-time crisis response guidance
  • Coaching prior to a media interview or public appearance

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