Passion Projects

I enjoy interviewing and engaging with people — learning what motivates and inspires them. You can learn a lot when you listen and offer people an opportunity to express themselves. I’m particularly interested in oral history as a means of self-expression for older adults, and a way to document diverse perspectives and narratives — personal and cultural.

Are you looking for a creative partner for a project?

I love to collaborate and seek partners to realize both my artistic creations and to further the artistic vision of others.

I like to work on:

Feature stories/profiles

Documentary films and video




Oral histories


Multidisciplinary projects

New ideas

Train People

I had the privilege of participating in Amtrak’s Writer’s Residency program (2016-2017) which tapped into my sense of adventure and natural curiosity. I spent the cross-country rail journey interviewing travelers on and off the train. The experience inspired me to create an award-winning documentary short film.

Celebrating Seniors

I partnered with Henry Street Settlement, a stalwart champion for people of all ages on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, to create a video that features the unique perspectives of seniors who attend its Senior Center.