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Delight Members with the Best Customer Experience

Open enrollment is in full swing and consumers are trying to determine the best possible health plan for them. But are you ready for January 2016 when members will begin using their benefits? Its critical that carriers establish a positive customer experience from day 1.

Customer experience goes beyond call center numbers and website design. It considers all of the events that will define a member’s perception of their health plan and offers the instruments to simplify those encounters and leave members with a positive impression. Carriers must provide the tools to allow customers to easily find doctors, facilities and pharmacies and determine prescription and procedure costs. Further, carriers need insight into how customers are engaging at every touch point in the process in order to ensure that offerings align with customer needs, and to identify member segments that will optimize business growth. In addition, to help them establish a positive brand experience, carriers need a holistic solution that provides simple, mobile-friendly tools and allows carriers to understand their members in every encounter in real-time.

Zipari’s Customer Retention Solution and Zipari’s CX Platform

Goal: To increase customer satisfaction while retaining your most valuable members

Customer retention is crucial to revenue growth.  The key to retaining customers is to ensure that you’re delivering the best customer experience possible on day 1 by providing:

  • Cost Transparency: Providing members with the opportunity to view and compare procedure costs so that they can efficiently manage their medical expenses.
  • Provider Search: Allow members to quickly search for and compare doctors in their plan.
  • Zipari CRM: Provide analytical insight into consumer engagement, and actionable recommendations to maximize retention of valuable members.

Welcome to the 24/7/365 Days a Year World of Customer Retention.

Our customer retention solution offers a simple, mobile-friendly experience that allows customers to quickly search for doctors, facilities, and pharmacies, prescriptions and procedure costs. Carriers have the opportunity to drive and control the 24/7/365 customer experience by providing their members with the right tools to harness positive brand sentiment.

Additionally, our solution includes real-time analytical insight into your customers’ behaviors and preferences so that you can understand member sentiment at every engagement point. Zipari enables carriers to segment members into demographic and clinical personas to help you identify your most valuable customers, view the likelihood of renewal, and determine where you need to reinforce your brand.

Zipari’s Customer Retention Solution can help you:

  • Manage your brand: Understand member sentiment at every engagement point, and improve brand affinity and renewals.
  • Maximize profitable growth: Target member segments in ways that are most effective to increase profitable membership and overall health.
  • Drive renewals: Delivering a positive and seamless customer experience will fuel this process.

Zipari’s cost-effective Customer Retention Solution can be configured and deployed for rapid installation. Please complete the form on the upper right to schedule a quick demo.